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Random oddness 1
Josephüs: *suddenly clings to stitchy for no apparent reason, looking around shiftily* You didn't hear this from me... We're being watched, comrade...
Stitchy DSG: Seriously? Is it the Americans? Spying on our Cosmonauts again, friend?
Josephüs: Yes... *he slowly looks around* They're hiding in... *suddenly points to a leather armchair in a corner* THE COMFY CHAIR!!!
*…awkward silence then insued for several minutes… until*
Stitchy DSG: You have got to be kidding me comrade, That is the Premier's favorite chair…
Josephüs: I know... *he stares at teh comfy chair*
*both were too afraid to go near it*
:iconpvtjoe:PVTjoe 5 1
The universe
The universe, young some say, but I say nay…
Ancient is this world, our home in the vast darkness…
We witness many things from this tiny spec, looking deep into the past of light…
We witness the slow changing of our mother Gaia, shifting, changing…
Rising, and falling… All of it, slow, so very slow…
As is the changing of life… the death of planets, collapsing of stars…
And yet, it was all started with something destructive, and almost instant…
The singularity, danced, jiggled, and shuddered… then burst…
The beginning of such beauty  on our world… and the many, many lights in the vast darkness…
:iconpvtjoe:PVTjoe 3 0
Kitsune samurai by PVTjoe Kitsune samurai :iconpvtjoe:PVTjoe 6,150 142
The warped ones: Part 1
The warped ones…
By; Rapthorius J. C. Buchanan  
The odd creature yawns quietly as he stood in the shadow of a tall tower of the castle, features skewed in darkness, but too all in the guards his horror was seen all to well. He just, stands there, thinking, starting to roll a small explosives around in large paws like an overly obsessive raccoon, unable to resist the metallic shine of his own creation… be it out of udder boredom or sheer genius he has no idea what to do with, he grunted quietly, the thoughts to himself ceased as he tossed the small grenade away, a few small clinks on metal as it bounces down along the old iron roof “Bleh… such petty trinkets… mortal weapons…” he sneered slightly in a strange computerized accent, his tone slightly skewed behind his mask as he looks at the bloodied body at his feet, his latest victim, a mad man, he began talking to the deceased, as if seeing the mans very soul. “like an owl I fly… wi
:iconpvtjoe:PVTjoe 4 3
Mature content
Rapthorius :iconpvtjoe:PVTjoe 2 1


Soldier Side by burlesk101 Soldier Side :iconburlesk101:burlesk101 366 63 Com: The Black Knight by WesTalbott Com: The Black Knight :iconwestalbott:WesTalbott 459 18 The Sword of Heaven by ArchangelUzziel The Sword of Heaven :iconarchangeluzziel:ArchangelUzziel 67 29
The tortured soul chapter 1
The warden peers through the thick iron bars of the cell before putting the large black stone key into the old lock that has helped contain many prisoners for many decades, but never before has it had to contain such a dangerous criminal... As the key moving the tumblers of the lock is sounded, two piercing blood-red eyes look up from out of the darkness, the owner of the eyes concealed in complete shadow in the farthest corner of the cell. The warden signals to the eyes to exit its confinements of the cell; obediently the darkness of the corner begins to change...  
Out of the swirling black mass emerges the accused waiting for the warden to attach his shackles before heading out to the council congregation hall where he will wait for his sentence. This young demon has been accused of murder. But not just any murder. The murder of an Elder, which in his realm carries out the death penalty sentence for the most serious of crimes according to the Zhrarashi Constitutio
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Thugs by AndreeWallin Thugs :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 91 7 Mecha forward by AndreeWallin Mecha forward :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 184 9 The fuelstation by AndreeWallin The fuelstation :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 185 16 Car chase by AndreeWallin Car chase :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 208 17 Bad boy by AndreeWallin Bad boy :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 238 21 Lost by AndreeWallin Lost :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 1,320 61
The 6 Bloodhound Breeds
The 6 breeds
Depending on the living areas Bloodhounds can differ in anatomy, behaviour and life style.
Here are the six most common breeds you can find on Ileyah and the two moons of the three brothers) on which organic life is possible.
Living Areas
Sand Desert/ Rock Desert/ Canyons
Outer Appearance
Small, thin, big ears
Long legs to lift body over the hot desert sand, thick footpads
Short fur, bright colours to reflect sunlight
Behaviour Life Style
Used to teamwork
Friendly, open-hearted, cheerful, yet diligent with high sense for their duties
Live in large family groups
Live in caves or whole cities under the ground or in the canyons
Have sense for finding/collecting water
Are skilful in working with all kinds of stone
Hunt for smaller prey, insects and reptiles
Have to live in fear of bigger predators
Living Areas
Steppes/ Grass Landscapes/ Valleys
Outer Appearance
Rather "standar
:iconbloodhoundomega:BloodhoundOmega 9 7
The old Bloodhound Clans
The old Clans
There have been 25 Clans in the very beginning of the history of the Bloodhounds.
Each had an own typical symbol on the forehead and each had significant characteristic features and skills.
Today most Hounds have mixed up so that the old definitions won't always fit today, but some of them will still work.
Headstrong dominant individuals
Mostly leaders of packs
Determined, ambitious
Calm and thoughtful
Counsellors, offering their advice and impartial point of view
Hot tempered
Warriors with great strengths and high endurance, but not the cleverest
Fall easily back into blood-fever
Never talk before they haven't thought about it
Good  dealers, know how to make compromises without neglecting own needs
High sense of duty
Great couriers and messengers, tend to be a bit arrogant
Assassins, bodyguards, thieves, mercenaries
Cold-hearted, dangerous, intelligent
Have something like an outsider status in the BH society
:iconbloodhoundomega:BloodhoundOmega 11 11
The clan of the Unseeing
There is a very special clan of desert Bloodhounds called "the Unseen" or "the Unseeing". They live outside of the general Bloodhound society, but they do so voluntarily. They are outcasts, but not because they are criminals or something like that. In fact many other Hounds somehow admire them. The Unseeing are masters of survival in the desert. They can find water, food and shelter where no one else can. They read the wind and can predict sand storms and forecast the weather and they are the only ones who can survive in the wastelands of the Ilyehen main desert.
The wastelands are the very centre of the main desert, a place every other Bloodhound should avoid. Nothing lives there. No plants, no animals, no insects. Not even birds fly over this place. It's death. It's been told that Bloodhounds died there through the bare loneliness they experienced. The sand is white and incredibly hot and at many places toxic gas evades from cracks in the ground.
Somewhere in the wastelands though th
:iconbloodhoundomega:BloodhoundOmega 10 26
Environments on Ileyeah Vers.2
Environments on Ileyeah (Text Version No. 2)
This text roughly introduces to you the most common environments found on Ileyeah, as well as so called „Places of Interest“ which are within or close that specific area. Those PoI are singled out, because they are… well, special. You’ll see. This is just some random stuff about the Hounds living in those areas, the weather and some other additional information.
The Desert:
The largest desert on Ileyeah can be found on the main eastern continent. It consist as well of sand regions as well as rocky ones (see also --> Dragon’s Graveyard and --> Wastelands). Liquor trees are the most common plan in both kinds of deserts. They are not very high and have no leaves, but their branches spread very wide and plot and twist among each other, so that they build rather stable terraces. The bark is dark, almost black and sometimes looks as if having been oiled. Hounds and other creatures like to crawl under t
:iconbloodhoundomega:BloodhoundOmega 6 5
Ceejay Art Trade by Rowan-Sto-Helit Ceejay Art Trade :iconrowan-sto-helit:Rowan-Sto-Helit 4 5



Josephus J. C. Buchanan
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: PA... And it's fuckin' boring here...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Between medium and large... i donno...
Print preference: *shrugs* De fox dun know...
Favourite genre of music: Eh...
Favourite photographer: *shrugs*
Favourite style of art: Anything but abstract and most modern art shit
Operating System: Vista, es sehr gut.
MP3 player of choice: Mine ish broken... *mrawls*
Shell of choice:
Skin of choice: Seriously? my own fur you ass holes... *holds my tails* mine! *walks off*
Favourite cartoon character: Necron 99
Personal Quote: Trust no one... supect everyone

ZOMG! new art markers! ^.=.^

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2009, 7:03 PM
Hehe, i gots me a new set of art markers. *grins, wagging tails* Happy fox ish happy. But anywho... i think i may start uploading doodles along with many of my strangely abstract creatures and other such and such.

Need to get some stuff outta me head before me mind goes all confuzzled. And there will definitely art contests for certain concepts, creatures and other assorted odds, ends, and gadgets.

Expect the first doodle(s) soon.

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Hviten Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, where have you gone?
Templemont Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
I am totally new here. What is the story of "the Dude" and this strand that has continued for 5 years? Did the "Dude" want to close the door to this- going through personal changes? Or could something dark and sinister have happened? Thanks.
With Respect;
Hviten Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no clue, honestly. Josephus, or Joe, was a friend of me and Freakzter's a long time ago. He had health issues, we knew this, but as of this day we don't know what happened to him. He just one day never came back online to talk to us - I speculate it may be that he's either left the internet, or may possibly be dead. I hope it's not the latter.

Joe was a great friend of ours. I would really love to hear from him again. Half a decade without him has left me wondering.
Freakzter Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
well its been one year since you went missing. wish we could at least know for sure what happened.
Hviten Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I miss you, dude. :<
Freakzter Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
2 months since u went missing..
Freakzter Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
4 weeks since you went missing
Ekuhikaarme Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
where you at man? ._. :iconcryplz:
Freakzter Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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